Additional Services


Because most pets love to go outside and play, we offer this service to make all of our canine guests feel right at home. Each of our canine guests has the option to enjoy a country walk along our park like walkways. The entire country walk area is fenced in for your pet’s security. Each guest is taken out individually by a camp counselor where they can walk, play, and exercise in the fresh country air here in Elma. This service is available once or twice a day.

During the summer months dogs choosing our country walk service have access to the “Dog Days Beach”. This area is set up with a small pool and lounge area for those guests that just love water sports.


Each dog is let off leash individually in our secluded play area. A handler is with the dog at all times. Activities range from playing ball, sun bathing in the “kiddie” pools, and running! You can choose what days you would like this service during your dog’s camp stay.


Each dog is given special attention individually in a quiet area outside of their suite. Activities range from brushing and massaging to playing ball, and of course, pampering!

For the VIP (Very Important Pet) treatment, ask us about our package services we offer at a discounted rate.
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