Canine Guest Accommodations


Our goal is to match your pet’s schedule as close as possible, if not the same as it is at home.  We offer feeding several times a day depending on your pet’s dietary requirements.  We offer all guests a high quality diet, Tuffy’s Gold Premium Adult Dog Food, while they are staying with us, for no extra charge.  You are also welcome to bring in your pet’s own food which will be prepared in our kitchen for an additional daily charge.


Keeping your pet happy and comfortable is our goal.  We will readily administer up to two oral and topical medications necessary during your pet’s visit for no extra charge.  Please bring the medication in the original bottle so that we have accurate information on the name and dosage.


Favorite belongings are welcomed. Having a familiar bed or toy will help to make your pet feel at home here.  Also, feel free to bring in any treats that your pet would usually receive at home.

We hope to make your pet’s stay with us a country vacation, similar to going to camp.  We plan lots of fun camp activities year round while your pet vacations with us.  We focus on giving each and every camper individual attention throughout their stay.  Our reward will be that our guests will be excited to come back and see us!  Hopefully, your pet will enjoy his/her stay at our facility and be happy to come back and visit us again!